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About SayRah

Say Rah has been dabbling in the flow arts for 6 years and has made it her daily practice and passion for the past 2 and a half.

Say Rah loves spinning all the things, but connects the most currently with double staves, hoop, and poi. She helps facilitate spin jams in both Baton Rouge and New Orleans, where she enjoys teaching others new things, as well as colaberating and playing with other spinners. She feels that finding a flow art can show you a new way to grow and operate your brain, as well as learn that you can do anything you put your mind to.

When not spinning, Say Rah can be found playing guitar and singing, brewing kombucha, gardening, running her dog, making props, riding bike, cooking, or possibly working as a stage hand in a theater or arena, a job in which she now has 5 years of exsperience.

Say Rah has currently been preforming at a haunted house, and recently preformed in a death metal music video

About SayRah: Bio
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